Singha Park – A Fabulous Farm In Thailand

Thailand conjures up images of vibrant night markets, green islands filled with abundant fresh seafood at affordable price and impressive golden temple, etc.. If you are doing to plan a vacation in Thailand, there is a place that’s worth a visit.

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Not impressive with white sandy shore and fierce sun, you can escape from dazzling of hustle cities when indulge yourself into Singha park – a peaceful farm in countryside. With vast of things to do, laid-back atmosphere and tranquility, Singha park attracts tourists to visit all year round.


Imagine in a balmy day, you go for a walk along the lush of orchards and colorful flower beds, then cycle around the prairie hills to enjoy beauty of nature and immerse in wonderful atmosphere. That is what you will experience in Singha park.


Singha park is well known as Thailand’s largest farms. Come to Singha park, you’ll see fields of green tea and Allamanda cathartica everywhere. Harmonious blend of ancient European and Asia architecture makes you feel losing in a wonder land. Do not forget to visit the White Temple (Wat Rong Khum) in vicinity, or famous cafes named “Melt in your mouth” which serves fresh coffee and delicious home-made appetizers.


There is a farm for feeding zebra, giraffe and white-horns cows “Watusi”. In addition, Bhu Bhirom restaurant specializes in serving you with farm-to-table food.


You also find teahouse designed with European-styled architecture, this is a great place to sip a cup of coffee while enjoying magnificent sunset. A nice cup of tea, scent of flower or spacious spaces filled with sunset lights will make you feel relaxed.


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