Best Places to Visit in Laos

Laos provides a pleasant change of pace for travelers who are used to Thailand or Vietnam. This small Southeast Asian country has stunning scenery, from limestone mountains to dense forests and spectacular waterfalls. It’s a great place for adventuresome travelers or those who don’t mind roughing it. Some of the best places to visit in

Northern Vietnam & Laos 13 days

This fascinating tour is designed to highlight two of Indochina’s most exceptional countries. Discover Vietnam’s incredible diversity: walk through the ancient city of Hanoi,

Laos & Cambodia 17 days with Battambang

A special tour through Laos and Cambodia in 17 days. Beginning your journey by slow boat down the Mekong River, from the Golden Triangle to a riverside lodge. Exploring Luang Prabang with its glittering Buddhist temples, discovering the bustling Lao capital, Vientiane, then flying to neighboring Cambodia. Here, exploring the wide boulevards, museums and monuments of

Thailand & Laos Experience 16 days

Experience the history and culture of charming Thailand and Laos. Leave the bright lights of Bangkok for the historic Bridge over the River Kwai, then reach the old city walls of Chiang Mai.

Explore Vietnam & Laos 15 days

A journey through Vietnam and Laos will leave you energised and inspired. Encounter welcoming people throughout, including Buddhist monks in Luang Prabang.

Laos & Cambodia Experience 15 days

Begin your journey through Laos and Cambodia floating by slow boat down the Mekong River from the Golden Triangle to a riverside lodge in a remote part of Laos.

Laos & Myanmar Experience 14 days

Experience the picturesque countryside of laidback Laos and explore intriguing Burma, where peaceful temples, lush mountains and colorful markets await.

Laos Experience 9 days

Experience the picturesque countryside in laidback Laos, where peaceful temples, lush mountain scenery and vibrant markets await. It is expected to give you a memorable holiday.

Highlights of Laos 6 days

Discover Vientiane's atmospheric temples and riverside eateries, while beautiful Luang Prabang reveals elaborate monasteries, colorful markets and a delightful blend of architecture.

Highlights of Laos and Vietnam 12 days

Laos & Vietnam still keep hidden beauty that attracts many love travellers. Joining this tour, you will have a chance to see all the must- see destinations and the highlighted sites in Laos and Vietnam.