About us

Welcome to indochinapackagetravel.com !

Our commitment is to present the authentic Southeast Asia. No matter what barriers will get in the way, we are about to make it happen for our dear guests with the greatest effort.

At indochinapackagetravel.com, the customers’ experience drives everything we do. We are passionate about helping you create the vacation of your dreams. We invite you to open up your imagination and tell us exactly what you’re looking for. Get ready to discover the difference only indochinapackagetravel.com can bring you.

Indochina Package Travel owns a team of both young, dynamic and skilled staff working from day and night on every channel of communication from directly at the offices to live chat and hotline support. Any of your request and inquiry will be promptly processed and replied as soon as possible. The answer definitely will bring you a big smile.

The level of services can be different depending on level of service but the whole tour is always at top quality. Expected accommodations, helpful guides, friendly staffs and exciting activities are our commitments to all clients when joining a tour with us.